Our Professional Christian Counseling Approach is eclectic.

Our Professional Christian Counseling approach is eclectic, combining Christian values with techniques from many counseling theories that will help you cope with depression, anxiety and stress, life challenges and relationship problems. 

We will work together to identify the emotional difficulties that you may be facing, as well as your beliefs or behaviors that are not working for you. Our purpose is to understand your struggles, your emotional and spiritual needs.

Together we will explore new ways to deal with your pain and to help you develop new skills towards living a fulfilling life. 

We believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity, and we make it our responsibility to provide an environment without judgment. 

We do not provide a diagnosis unless you specifically request one and we do not typically require psychological testing. 

If we determine that our area of expertise is not beneficial to you, we reserve the right to refer you to someone else better qualified in your area of need.